keskiviikko 20. huhtikuuta 2011

Happy 4/20 for all of you!

So, 4/20 of 2011 is coming to an end now, and it's been a nice day ;) Just started to think about that what would be a better day to bring out the conversation that usually erupts into a shitstorm.
Yes, I'm talking about cannabis legalization. Altough there is a lot of information easily avaivable for everyone about cannabis and how it affects people, still many people see it as a much worse thing than what it actually is.

Let's start with how good 'ol Mary-Jane is bad for us, if listening to anti-weed speakers.

"Marijuana causes psychosis/schizophrenia."
Altough this argument is basically true, still, it is not a rather good argument. Why? Because cannabis doesn't cause psychosis or schizophrenia to other people, than who are at an constant risk of getting it, aka the people who have it in their genes. It should also be noted, that even alcohol and lack of sleep cause psychosis more easily than pot.

"Cannabis is a gateway drug."
Well, this is just bullshit. The only gateway in pot becomes thru it's illegality. When cannabis is illegal, the dealers have a chance to just say "well, i'm all out for weed this time, but I do have this and that right now", which gives the dealer a great way of franchising and bargaining his products to people who are only intrested in dank. Most of them refuse, some people always take the bite. And of course, if cannabis would be legal, this problem wouldn't exist.

"Legalizing it would make the amount of users bigger."Wrong again.  Cannabis has been decriminalized in Netherlands for many years now, and there has been almost no raise in the amount of users or usage anyhow, in the countrymen. The only peak that makes usage look bigger, is the fact that many tourists try cannabis in Netherlands, because there it's not punishable.

"If cannabis was legalized, children and young people would get it more easily."
No, no, no. It's obvious that a dealer just wants to make money, so he won't bother to as for the buyers ID when he sells his product, he is just happy to sell it. If cannabis was legalized, it could be stricly monitored to whom it is sold to, just like in alcohol products and tobacco. Plus it would make bud seem less like a "forbidden fruit", which usually attracts young users just in wishes to rebel against rules.

We should also note the massive amount of work and tax money that legalizing cannabis would bring. Instead of professional criminals making and smuggling the drug, that same money could go to honest workers and to the goverment. Why let millions and billions of dollars go into the pockets of those criminals, when it could go into much better effort, and also making the power of those criminals a lot smaller, which would result as a decrease of crime. These same criminals also add sometimes even dangerous stuff into the product, which can be... well, anything just as pretty far as your imagination can go, just to add weight and make the product more profitable. Of course, this problem would also be gone thru legalization, since the product would be under strict rules.
Marijuana also has a great medical value, for example in the treatment of cancer. I find it disgraceful and unethic to not let somebody with such a serious illness have medicine that has been proven to help him and ease his pains, even as a last effort to save somebodys life, or atleast make the last moments of his life easier and more enjoyable.

Even if you don't fancy pot yourself, please, let other people enjoy about the things that they want to, when they are not harming anyone with it. Everybody should have the right to decide what they want to do with their own body.

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  1. thanks man ! same for you and I have a special treat for you at

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  2. Good points you got there. Lets see what the future brings.

  3. Respect the ones who smoke, but also respect the ones who dont smoke.

  4. Cheers fella, hope you had as good a time as me