perjantai 8. huhtikuuta 2011

How to make a joint

In this tutorial, I will instruct you step-by-step how to make a joint.

Step 1: "Grind" your buds into small powder, add some tobacco if you want to, I personally like some tobacco mixed with it
Step 2: Roll a roach, take some heavy paper, about the size of a regular rolling paper, and then roll it into a spiral (into the form of a filter, but so that the smoke comes through)
Step 3: Take a rolling paper (I prefer Rizla's)
Step 4: Keep the rolling paper so that the glue is opposite of you and keep the roach in the left end of your rolling paper, keep from that end with your left hand.
Step 5: Put the grinded weed so that in the roach end there's just enough to be in the same level as the roach, and as you get towards the outer end, add more.
Step 6: Roll the paper back and forth, so that the stuff inside gets firm.
Step 7: When you feel it's firm enough, but the inner side of the paper under the outer side, lick the outer side, and glue them together.
Step 8: Close the joint.
Congratulations! You have finished your joint! If it was your first one, or one of the first ones, it might not look great, but practice makes the perfect master! Same happened with me.

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